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Like the site and would love to see more pics of the Island.

Was wondering about the ethnicity and population make up of the Island? Is it easily accessible from the mainland and are there places for visitors to stay?

Thanks..........Bob, in san Diego, CA USA

There are definitely lots more pics of this part of the Island on the way!

The population of Tasmania is somewhat less than half a million and most inhabitants are of British descent. You will read that all of the Tasmanian Aborigines were slaughtered in the nineteenth century, but that is completely untrue. It is true that there are no full-blood Tasmanian Aborigines, the last, Truganini, having died over a hundred years ago. 

The island is accessible by modern ferry and aircraft and there are many places to stay. All the way from hotels that might just as well be anywhere on the planet, down through motels, bed and breakfasts, backpacker hotels and hostels to camping sites.

-- Ed.

I enjoyed your site.

Keep up the good work.


:) Jon Franklin Ramsoomair, Ph.D.
Associate Professor School of Business and Economics
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario Canada, N2L 3C5
Website : http://home.golden.net/~jfr

What a coincidence. I'm a Jon, too! -- Ed.

I visited your web site from Langa list, and I must say, I really enjoyed the photos you have posted there. Very nice. They would make excellent wallpaper for a desktop. You should consider posting them in 1152X864 or at least 800X600 size in .jpg format. They wouldn't take up much space on your web site as such, and would be a nice addition to your site. You would just have to post a note to tell people to download them as bitmaps. FYI, I live in Nashville Tennessee, USA. It's amazing, the far reaching effects, the web has, is it not? 

Mike Watson

What a great idea Mike. Come back in a day or two and we'll have some for you. -- Ed.

Well done there! Good design, needs more content. How about pictures of that dramatic weather we so often hear about? 

Regards; M.Nohner

Yes, we do need more content! [Hint, hint local readers!] I guess you mean the high seas in the Southern Ocean. We'll see what we can do. -- Ed.

I live near a small town named Franklin in the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, USA. A friend from Tasmania sent me your URL and I have spent a pleasant hour exploring your site, which I have enjoyed tremendously. I especially enjoyed the local yarn, and I hope they will continue and that you will archive them so a visitor to your site can go back to any of them. I would love to see more photos of 'your' Franklin and surrounding areas on your website.

My mouth is watering for one of those Tasmanian apples, but I guess I will have to settle for an American one for now. I do love them to be crisp, as yours were described.

Regards from your American "Sister City"


Thanks Rose. We do love to hear that our readers are enjoying what we do. -- Ed.


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