Family Bushwalks in Tasmania's Huon Valley 

A book by Nell Tyson and Annie Rushton

Nell Tyson and Annie Rushton's excellent book is full of fascinating walks of varying degrees of difficulty. The one described below is one of the easiest.


While every effort has been made to ensure that all the information in this guide was accurate at the time of compilation, changes will no doubt occur with time.

Walkers are asked to comply at all times with directions regarding changes to, or closure of, sections of any tracks, and to respect the wishes of the authority or individual responsible for the land which the walk traverses.

Walkers should always exercise great care in the Tasmanian bush. Before embarking on any of the walks described in this book, individuals should take into account their age, and assess their health, fitness and capacity to undertake the walks. If necessary they should seek medical advice. The authors accept no responsibility for any mishaps which may arise in the course of using this book.

New Road -- Old Mill Site

20 minutes each way

This walk is a very easy, level saunter, ideal for the very young and the elderly. It would be possible to push a child' stroller along this track. Coming from Huonville into the township of Franklin, New Road turns right at the large brick building known locally as the Bowmont Centre. Follow the road to the end, keeping left at the major fork.

After you reach what is obviously the last house, continue for another half kilometre till you come to the remains of an old mill site on the left hand side of the road, in a cleared valley. Park your car here and continue walking for about 1.5 kilometres along this picturesque track, disregarding several smaller tracks to the left.

The snowberries are in great profusion here and are at their peak in late summer. Some rainforest species, including man fern and myrtle, can be seen here, surely one of the closest of such forests to civilisation. Local legend has it that a yetti lives up here and frequents the area in the dusky evening light!

The mill site, the destination of the walk, is situated in a large grassy area, ideal for a picnic among the ruins of the mill and some old buildings.

Annie adds: "Walkers should be careful not to wander off into the bush away from the old mill site as it very easy to get lost," and "I am unsure whether you can still drive as far as we say in the book -- remember, this book was published thirteen years ago. I have heard that the end of the road has changed a little, and cannot accept responsibility for changes since then."

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