Franklin and the surrounding district have many interesting inhabitants: writers, artists, musicians, orchardists, wooden boat builders... As well, there are many who have left the district to pursue their careers elsewhere, or have a family or other connection. This is where you will find their work. Click on their names to see more.

Richard Clements is a glass artist. As well as the whimsical pieces like the brooch below, he makes more functional items such as goblets and perfume bottles.

Richard Clements Bird Sculpture

Gail Galloway Gail Galloway, is a writer/multi media artist, who also performs as Gay Yellowday. When she is not exploring time theory, or working on her next novel she writes and performs miracles. 

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Michael Henrysson is a maker of fine furniture as you can see from the piece below.

Micheal Henrysson Table Detail

The Wooden Boat Building School was established by John and Ruth Young to rekindle the art and craft of traditional boat-building techniques.

Hesse Hull before planking

Garry Paige is a world renowned song writer. You will find short music clips as well as Garry's career highlights here.


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