Franklin Folk Club by Steve Gadd

In 2000, after 20 years the Franklin Folk Club reopened.

There has always been music in the Huon Valley and especially around the Franklin area. Brass bands and choirs were common in the 1800s. Immigrants from Ireland and Britain brought ballads and children's songs which were gradually adapted to suit the local cultural experience.

New Year's Eve Celebration

New Year's Eve Celebrations at the Franklin Palais proved quite a party! The Hot Samba Night theme attracted a colourful crowd and the festive fundraiser reaped $1500 profits to assist the ongoing restoration of the theatre.

Review of An Equal Music by Jonathan Sturm

"Certainly their performance was far and away better than that on the 'official' Equal Music CD"

Franklin Palais Ball by Gail Galloway

"Minks and furs wended through the crowd of silks, suits and gowns, and top hats too" 

A view from the balcony

Love Meets Art at The Palais by Gail Galloway

"It is reputed that the mezzanine has always served as a sort of love nest"

An Equal Music poster


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