PCs Software & Operating Systems at Windfell farm

As at late June 2002 we have two 700 MHz Athlons, a 400 MHz K6-2, a 200 MHz Pentium MMX, a 75 MHz Pentium laptop, a 75 MHz Pentium and  the Acorn A4000 in use. Total hard disk storage is around 120 GB.

Peripherals include an Alloy 16 port 10Base-T hub, an 8 port no-name Fast Ethernet hub, an HP LaserJet 5MP printer with 18 MB of RAM, an HP DeskJet 670c, a CanoScan FS 2710 35 mm film scanner, HP ScanJet 4300C flatbed scanner, a 3COM/USRobotics 56K Voice Fax modem, an Intel iStation combining a 4 port hub, 56K modem and firewall, AIWA Travan 4GB/8GB IDE tape backup, Matsushita SCSI CD burner, and a cheap and cheerful AceCat digitiser.

Monitors are a 19" Sony G400, a 17" Philips 17B, a 15" Samsung,  a 15" Acorn, a 15" Acer and 15" Osborne. Mice are nearly all Microsoft and one was the original "Leprechaun's toilet" until it was stolen. Keyboards are mostly the cheap Taiwanese sort, the old Zenith that came with the 286 was to be be replaced by a second MS Internet keyboard until it was stolen. We had a MS Ergonomic keyboard, but the key action was unpleasing, so it was passed on.



Tandy 200

Intel 80C85, 48 KB RAM, OS from MS, but purchased TS-DOS from Traveling Software

XT Clone from S

Intel, 8088, 640 KB RAM

Home built XT Clone

NEC, V20, 640 KB RAM

Zenith 8 MHz 286


25 MHz 386SX

Intel, 8 MB RAM, CIS chipset

40 MHz 386

AMD, 16 MB RAM, CIS chipset

66 MHz 486 DX

Intel, 16 MB RAM

100 MHz 486 DX

Intel, 32 MB RAM

Olivetti Quaderno

NEC V30/16MHZ CPU, 7.5" LCD screen, 1 MB RAM, 20 Mbytes Harddisk

200 MHz K6 (upgraded to 400 MHz) AMD, 64 MB RAM, AOpen TX MoBo

233 MHz K6 (upgraded to 400 MHz)


75 MHz Pentium

Intel, 64MB RAM, ASUS MoBo

700 MHz Athlon

AMD, A-Open MoBo, 256 MB RAM

700 MHz Athlon


Acorn A4000

ARM RISC processor, 2 MB RAM

Toshiba Satellite Pro 400CS Intel 75 MHz Pentium, 16 MB RAM
Acer Entra Intel 200 MHz Pentium MMX, 48 MB RAM.




Tandy 200

In Tandy 200 firmware. It was written by MS


A disk OS for the Tandy 200 written by Traveling Software

MS DOS 2.1

Bundled with XT Clone from S

MS DOS 3.3

Bundled with Zenith

Windows 2.1

Bundled with Zenith

DR DOS 3.4/Gem 3

Purchased from store

Windows 3.0

Purchased from MS

Windows 3.1

Purchased from MS

Windows 95

Purchased from MS

Windows NT 4 WS

Purchased from Frank’s Compware

OS/2 Warp 3

Purchased 2nd hand

Windows 95 OSR2 Purchased from Frank’s Compware

Slackware Linux 2.2

Purchased with book

RedHat Linux 4.x

Purchased with book

Caldera Open Linux 1.2

Purchased with book

RedHat Linux 5.2

Purchased from store

Caldera Open Linux 1.3

Purchased from distributor

Caldera Open Linux 2.3

Purchased from APC

Small Business Server 4.0 Purchased from MS

Caldera Open Linux 2.4

Downloaded from Internet

RedHat Linux 6.0

Purchased from APC

RedHat Linux 6.1

Purchased from APC

Corel Linux 1.0

Purchased from Corel

Mandrake Linux 7.1

Downloaded from Internet

Windows 2000 Pro

Purchased from EYO

Small Business Server 4.5

Purchased from MS

Windows 98

Purchased from MS

Windows 98 SE

Purchased from MS

Windows NT4 Server

Purchased from MS


Purchased with Acorn A4000

OpenDOS 7.x

On a CD that came with a magazine


Download from the Internet

OS/2 Warp 4 On a CD that came with a magazine
SuSE Linux 7.1 Purchase via Internet

I haven't bothered to list various version numbers of software here. Some, like CorelDRAW! I have owned many versions of, not mention endless bug fixes.



Microsoft Office

I started using Word and Excel before they were bundled in Office. These are still two of my all-time favourite apps, though I suspect they won't be upgraded from 2000 any time soon.
Lotus SmartSuite I used to train Lotus Word Pro and wrote a training manual for it. It's a nice word processor. I never cared for Lotus 1-2-3.
Word Perfect I was a late-comer to Word Perfect. The first version for Windows sucked dead rats. Version 6 though became my word processor of choice until Office 95 was released. I still occasionally use Word Perfect on Linux.
Star Office Unstable crap that I might be tempted to use when the next version comes out!
Borland Sprint I wrote an awful lot with this fine word processor. A product that didn't deserve to fail as miserably in the marketplace as it did.
WordStar This is one of the later DOS versions and I quite liked it, but not as much as Sprint.
PageMaker Still my all-time favourite desktop publishing package. Unbeatable flexibility in layouts, nice type and very stable.
Ventura My second favourite desktop publishing package. Excellent when the document has a strict, formal structure as in technical publications.
CorelDRAW! Suite I have been using this since version 2 and despite stability problems with some versions remains my most used graphics package. It's certainly the best value for money!
Adobe Photoshop I haven't used it for years, though I have a look as each new version that come out. Mostly it makes me work harder to achieve what I can do in Corel PhotoPaint.
Claris FileMaker Pro My favourite database application. If you want precision control over layout, it's unbeatable. If you'd rather knock up a database quickly when you don't need all the bells and whistles of Access, it's a dream. 
ISYS Back when hard disks were slow computers were slow, and filenames were 11 characters, it often took forever to find a file. ISYS made that a snap by building indexes of file content you could search. They still do and for some with massive amounts of documents, it's still apparently the best.
GoldWave A shareware audio recording and processing package that does a remarkable amount at a bargain basement price. Highly recommended.
MS FrontPage I've tried Adobe PageMill, Macromedia DreamWeaver and others, but ended up using FrontPage because it's good enough most of the time. There are enough niggles that I suspect I might be moving to DreamWeaver MX if it's as good as it seems so far.
Visual Studio 6 When you are part of a MS Certified Solution provider, you get all sorts of stuff. This is stuff I might get around to learning one day. VB at least.
MS Back Office 4.5 Again this came as part of MS Developer Network and includes 50 CALS. Never used. 
MS Back Office Small Business Server 4.5 Now this came as a special with 6 CALS (IIRC) for Certified Professionals and resellers. We used this until I acquired the iStation and Windows 2000 Pro went gold.


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