About Ashwood Books

Ashwood Books is the imprint of Jonathan Sturm. The name arose as Jonathan perceived the need for something easier to spell than either of his names. Ashwood is a combination of Ashley, his mother's maiden name, and Wood, his maternal grandmother's maiden name.

Jonathan has published the following:


Sea Gypsy by Lesley Black This is a book about sailing the south pacific with two small children for nine years. While Lesley is listed as the publisher, the book was typeset and edited by Jonathan. As well, he created many of the illustrations and provided the film to the publisher.
The Story Sofa: a Time Mystery with Byte by Gay Yellowday This is a short novel for teenagers written by Gail Galloway.
Organic Update A short-lived periodical for Australian organic farmers.


Jonathan Sturm 2003 - 2011

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