Some Drawings of Tasmania

The drawings are all 300 dpi and so print out much better than they look on-screen. They are scaled to fit on American Letter or A4 paper. I used a Rotring drafting pen with a 0.18 mm nib and mostly draw with dots, rather than lines.

Clifton Priory at Bothwell

Clifton Priory, Bothwell

Clifton Priory was falling into disrepair when first I saw it. Fortunately, it was being renovated by a Dr Brennan when I first drew it in 1974. I did this drawing in 1985. 

Ross Bridge

Ross Bridge, Ross

The Ross Bridge has many carvings of a satirical nature on the river side of the sidewalls. Being sandstone, they are commencing to disintegrate. Some want them removed and replaced with copies in order to preserve the originals. Others want the originals to remain in place.

Richmond Bridge

Richmond Bridge, Richmond

Richmond Bridge is the oldest bridge in Australia. Shortly after completion, it partially collapsed and needed rebuilding. 

 mona_vale.png (675477 bytes)

Mona Vale at Ross is known as The Calendar House because it is reputed to have 52 rooms, 12 chimneys etc. Like most calendar houses, it has none of these.

Maggie our Toggenberg Goat

A drawing of one of our goats, Maggie, with her two kids. Maggie, a Toggenberg, used to be half our milk supply when my son Thomas was small. He was allergic to cows' milk. 

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Please contact me before reproducing or linking to my material