Small-Scale Market Gardening

Over the years, I have written many magazine articles and one book on gardening based on my experiences as a small-scale organic market gardener. Pretty much all of that is out of print and unavailable on paper. Some of it, much to my regret, I no longer own copyright to. One needs to be paid even when a lusty legal battle could have made more money in the long run. But that's all in the past and here you will find links to a number of pieces and I will gradually add more as time passes.

The Git's Guide to Gardening The Pompous Git's Guide to Gardening, the Universe and Everything! His book in progress.
Clove Encounters -- Garlic: Its Production and Use A short booklet about growing garlic in Tasmania.
Farming for Fertility An unpublished (and unfinished) short book intended to assist farmers contemplating adoption of organic farming technologies whether they intended converting to certifiable organic, or just improve their farming.
Biointensive Gardening A very short piece written in 1991 on John Jeavons' Biointensive gardening system and converting your garden to organic.
Small-scale Market Gardening Two articles that originally appeared in the short-lived Organic Update magazine. The "tickle-weeder" was a new idea back in 1992.

The author and a bed of leeks

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