Recommended Reading

"Recycle Your Garden -- the essential guide to composting", by Tim Marshall, ABC Books, 2003.

Everything the gardener needs to know about composting.

"An Agricultural Testament", by Sir Albert Howard, Faber.

This book is a foundation stone of organic agriculture. In it, Howard describes his discoveries about the role of humus and mycorrhizal fungi in the soil.

"The Living Soil and the Haughley Experiment", by Lady Eve Balfour, Faber.

Following the introduction of Howard's ideas to Britain after the Second World War, he and Eve Balfour started an organisation, the Soil Association, to test his ideas in the cooler climate of southern England. This is the subject matter of The Haughley Experiment. Earlier, Balfour had come to her own conclusions regarding the relationships between biological activity in the soil, diet and human health. This is the subject of The Living Soil.

"Humus", by Friend Sykes, Faber.

Friend Sykes was an early member of the Soil Association, and in this book describes his conversion of a sick, run down farm to health and fecundity by the application of Howard's organic principles.

"The Albrecht Papers", by Dr. William Albrecht, Acres USA.

Dr William Albrecht was a prolific writer of papers and this is a compendium of many that he delivered. They canvas his ideas on soil fertility, stock and human health. An essential read if you want some scientific understanding behind organics.

"Culture and Horticulture" by Wolf Storl, Biodynamic Literature

I believe Wolf Storl's book is the most accessible introduction to the concepts underlying Biodynamics.

"How to Grow More Vegetables" by John Jeavons, 10 Speed Press

John Jeavons is a follower of the late Alan Chadwick, who taught many gardeners in California his own peculiar mix of Biodynamic and French intensive gardening. This book is quite exhaustive in the area of crop yields under this regime. A "must have".

"The New Organic Grower" Eliot Coleman, ????

I was delighted to be able to attend a workshop with Eliot and his wife, Barbara Damrosch in October, 1993.

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