From: Jonathan Sturm <jpsturm@o...>
Date: Sat Feb 5, 2000 8:10am
Subject: RE: Digest Number 67

I'm sorry, but I think you are missing the point.

I have seen my WinNT4 ws BSOD precisely 3 times since I started using the beta in 1996. That's once a year. My machine is on 24 hrs a day and gets used for an average of 8 hrs a day. I crash applications from time to time and do what you say you do in Linux: restart the application. I know many installations where this is taken for granted. I have no idea why that is offensive to you. [The post to which I was replying claimed an applications crash under Windows always brought down the OS]

Productivity comes from running applications on a working operating system. At this point in time, I have several different flavours of Linux installed on two of my three machines. Despite several hundred hours over two years or so, I have yet to duplicate with a single Linux instance all the things I can do under a single instance of WinNT or Win2k.

I haven't given up. Since some people have obviously got to this happy state of affairs, it must be achievable. The problem is being told it's achievable, but not how. Or at least a how that works. For instance, I installed Word Perfect 8 on Corel Linux in exactly the same way I installed it under RedHat 6.0 and Caldera Open Linux 2.2. It works under the latter 2 dists, but not under Corel's own Linux. Why? I can print from RedHat and Corel Linux, but not COL. Why? I can use my scsi under Corel Linux, but not RedHat or Caldera Open Linux. Why? Star Office 4 installs on Caldera Open Linux, but not RedHat or Corel Linux. Why? I can connect to my ISP but Netscape won't let me browse past the server. Why?

Of course it may be that I'm completely stupid and I don't know how to double-click the install icon in just the right way, but I don't think so. I'm not an average user; my clients tell me I'm well above average. I've successfully compiled a kernel to get network support and remove support for unwanted devices. But I can't get some of what should work out of the box to work.

Please note that I haven't demanded that it all work with no effort on my part. I have read several tomes on Linux and learnt vi. I know how to troll DejaNews to find solutions. I cut my teeth on the command line when there was no Windows.

I don't need to be told the only reason I have problems with Linux is because I'm below average.

Jonathan Sturm