Marguerite Porte's photographs taken at Franklin in the Huon Valley of Tasmania. Franklin used to be the hub of the Huon, produce from the region being shipped to the state capital, Hobart, by ship. The original settlement was the idea of Lady Jane Franklin, hence the township's name.

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This photograph is of apple bins outside Franklin Evaporators factory. The factory dries apples for use in pies and the energy source is firewood.

Apple bins outside the Franklin Evaporators factory

The banks of the Huon River were planted to crack willows by the early settlers. Since they are not native to Tasmania, the government has funded their removal by the conservation group called Landcare.

Crack Willows by the huon river

Many Huon residents are keen fishermen. This photograph of a wooden dinghy was purchased by the Tasmanian Forestry Commission.

A dinghy floating on the river

Franklin's cottages are nearly all made from local timber. It's likely the original roof of wooden shingles is still there under the corrugated iron. Frequent bushfires make shingles too dangerous for roofing.

An old Franklin cottage

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Photographs 1993 Marguerite Porte

Text 1993 Jonathan Sturm